Educational Presentations -- 314.996.3744

Through one-hour presentations on a variety of health and wellness topics, we inspire and motivate our audiences toward making positive changes in their health and well-being. We can customize programs to meet your needs. Because we are a not-for-profit institution, we can keep these presentations affordable. 

Cost:  $150 per hour.

Program Topics

General Nutrition

  • Getting Healthy, Staying Healthy
  • Eating Better on the Run
  • My Pyramid: A Guide to Healthy Eating
  • Spending Your Calorie Salary: A Look at My Pyramid
  • Portions: Look How They've Grown
  • Supermarket Savvy: How to Navigate the Supermarket
  • Eating a Colorful Diet: How to Include More Fruits and Vegetables
  • Quick and Healthy Meals
  • Eating Healthy During the Holiday Season
  • Fueling the Athlete
  • What Can I Eat?
  • What Happens to the Food We Eat?

Weight Management

  • How to Maintain Your Weight
  • Managing Your Weight for Good
  • Portions: Look How They've Grown
  • Spending Your Calorie Salary: A Look at My Pyramid
  • The Truth About Popular Diets
  • Strategies to Manage Emotional Eating
  • The Best Way to Loose Weight for You

Health-Related Topics

  • Interpreting Health Screening Results -- Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Glucose, BMI
  • What to Eat for a Healthy Heart
  • Lowering Your Risk of Diabetes
  • The Role of Diet in Cancer Prevention
  • Osteoporosis: The Role of Diet and Exercise